Author: Christopher Pike

ISBN: 9780812538823
Pages: 390
Description: Strolling along the beach after breaking up with the beautiful and enigmatic Sienna, David is horrified to find a woman’s body half-buried in the sand – and stunned when the dead woman is identified as Sienna.

The prime suspect in his ex-girlfriend’s murder, David is interviewed by an FBI agent who declares that the killing was part of a Satanic ritual. But David knows that Sienna isn’t dead. She keeps leaving messages on his answering machine, messages which are mysteriously erased before he can play them for the authorities.

Desperate to find Sienna and identify the dead woman, David finds himself oddly distracted by an old crush, Julie, who has suddenly reappeared in his life and claims to be falling in love with him. But David still loves Sienna.

Though the Rev. Pomus warns him that there is true evil in the world, David continues to search for the supposed Satanic worshippers, closely followed by the FBI agent.

David’s search for Sienna and the truth about her disappearance takes him from coastal California to New York City to Florida – and into the darkest night of his soul.
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