Author: William Hare

Pages: 147
Description: FREUD MEETS HITLER is an intense and fiery confrontation involving two of the primary historical forces of the twentieth century. The setting of an unnamed way station removed from Planet Earth is comparable to that of Jean – Paul Sartre’s NO EXIT and Sutton Vane’s OUTWARD BOUND as well as the no escape element under which all living in this plane of existence must confront the pervasive reality of who they are and how they have lived their lives.
The Lord may be trusted to deal with such Freud Meets Hitler selfish souls according to their deserts.Whatever we’ve done together and whatever we’ve become, Freud Meets Hitler is second to the fact that we’re still doing this.I Freud Meets Hitler thought that no man regarded my sorrow or my anger.1961-1963, Collected Works, 6 Freud Meets Hitler volumes, A.Freud Meets Hitler «The depiction of the external, objective, carnal, precedes in every form of expression of which we can have records, the consideration of the internal, the subjective, the spiritual.He paddled slowly, and late in Freud Meets Hitler the dreamy afternoon reached the shore opposite the Brown farm.If not all children of Adam, we are all children of God,if not all from the same father on earth, we are all from the same Father in Heaven and this affecting relationship, which knows no distinction of race or color, Freud Meets Hitler is more vital and ennobling than any monopoly.